Saturday, 13 March 2010


Solarscraper for iPad is a space-themed shoot-em-up with a small tactical element. The player protects twelve different star systems from alien attack. The main game is controlled by simply turning the ship around and firing lasers at the enemies that appear in front of you. You can move your ship in the sector map by tapping the sectors around your ship. When you encounter aliens on the map the game switches to the cockpit screen where you can shoot them down.

The solarscraper ship (white) is blocking the route to the planet (blue) from the alien attackers (yellow).
If the alien forces reach the planets in the sector map, they will launch an invasion and all will be lost unless the attack force is destroyed in time. As the alien attack waves are destroyed, they leave behind cargo and useful items. The ship can be upgraded by gathering bonus weapons, shields and warp enhancements. The game features simple controls, which can be inverted for left-handed or right-handed play. The controls can also be inverted vertically.

Battling it out in an asteroid field, with guided missiles.
The game is partially a homage to various '80s space games, such as the Sinclair Spectrum game Starion. I also took inspiration from Atari 2600 games such as Solaris and Starmaster. I did not directly seek to imitate Star Raiders, but rather take inspiration from the games that followed it.

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