Sunday, 4 September 2011

Solarscraper version 1.1

The Solarscaper navigates a wormhole
The new version motivated by the observation that it is difficult for most people to play the game even on the easiest levels.

I think this is because it is hard to fire rapidly while simultaneously moving the ship. The two-handedness of the controls becomes too complex to handle.

Now it is possible to fire repeatedly by just holding the finger on the screen. Single shots can still be fired by tapping carefully. It is still more rapid to drum the screen, but this is better left for the experts!

The wormhole sequence is made a bit easier, as there are less asteroids there now. It’s supposed to be a bonus shortcut after all and not a way to lose your ship.

The sounds and visuals are richer now. This side of the game will be improved on some later release.