Sunday, 21 July 2013

Daft Defectors 1.1 and iCade controls

Stick: Move left and right. Red buttons: Jump!
A new version of Daft Defectors is now available at the Appstore. The biggest addition is the Ion iCade arcade stick controls. This makes it possible to play this quite old-school platform game with "proper" controls.

You need to pair your iPad and the iCade device with Bluetooth. After this, the controls are available automatically, just start playing with the stick. In the original iCade, the red buttons are "Jump" buttons. You can also use two of the black buttons to move left and right as an alternative.

However, the game was originally designed with the iPad touch screen in mind, so it is possible that Daft Defectors is slightly more difficult when played with the stick controls. I have slightly changed the visuals and visual effects of the game. I also marked the three different doors in the startup screen as "easy", "hard" and "very hard". Hopefully I am able to add more content later.

SolarScraper is due to an update, and will eventually feature the iCade controls.